Liz Hawkes deNiord, Putney, Vermont, Painting, Abstract painting, Pottery, Poetry, and Sculpture, LHD Design, Candelabras Ceramics. Vases
abstract figurative
Mugs plates bowls decorative pots
Nasturtiums, acrylic on wood sold
Putney Town Hall Last Walk, 5"x8",
acrylic on wood,
SOLD Dancing With Myself, 12"x14", acrylic on paper (1 of 3 New Orleans series)
Chilies, 9"x7", watercolor on rice paper Hora de Siesta , 6"x8", framed watercolor, Lemons, 8"x6", acrylic on wood,
Letter Series, Egg and Coffee, acrylic on wood
Letter Series, Blue Glass, Two Plums, acrylic on wood Blue Glass, Lemon, Orange,
acrylic on wood Blue Glass and Orange Nevadas, 6"x8", acrylic on wood
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