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Liz Hawkes deNiord

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Painting, Pottery, Sculpture

Multisurface Painting

Dear Friend,

Please consider this web site as a work in progress. If you see something you like, please call or email me.  For example, recently a friend ordered a set of 6, nine inch wide low bowls with poetry lines  inscribed on the rims. The lines, taken from her friends' poems, with permission, all referenced  the theme of transitory life.  Special gift pots,  bridal, birth, meditation, celebration pots and pots for every day mindful use are all part of  what I can offer.

Thank you for visiting here. Send me your comments and suggestions, too.





News from the studio:

YES! I am open for business in person by appointment or online (contact by email for purchases) . PAYPAL, Venmo and CashApp are direct purchase options for you as well.  If thre is something you would like made, I can do that too with enough lead time especially with the holidays.

Regretfully, I pulled myself off of the Putney Craft Tour and will no longer be part of the 3 day tour after Thanksgiving. That said, most days,  I around and can try to work out a visit with you.

As always, I appreciate your patronage and support.

Best Wishes,


This is painting and pottery inspired by meditative attention to the smallest and largest "things". 

Large, spacious abstract paintings as well as paintings in hand and wheel thrown pots convey the inner working of the artist's imagination.

This is the former blogspot which I am currenty ressurecting. Some of the posts are helpful to understand process and or inspiration.

Please check out the 'LINK' page to see where my paintings have been used for covers

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