Liz Hawkes deNiord, Putney, Vermont, Painting, Abstract painting, Pottery, Poetry, and Sculpture, LHD Design, Candelabras Ceramics. Vases
abstract figurative
candelabras, boxes,etc. goblets, sippers, expresso cups cups poetry pots bowls plates vessels vases decorative pots teapots, pitchers, coolers
small bowl, "no-thingness" kanji, wax cut text 4" pasta or salad bowl with text
9" deep soup dish with inscribed text
9" can be ordered
can be ordered pasta or salad bowl with text
9" Cereal bowl, 1 of 8. Inscribed poem bowls.
White with varying interior colors and texts
6" width
can be ordered small cereal bowl with text
can be ordered cereal bowl with text
can be ordered
putney vt 05346 603.209.7386